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Call to Worship and Prayer – Knowing Who We Are: What is United Methodism?

Knowing Who We Are: What is United Methodism?


Leader: We gather today remembering

People: Susannah Wesley and her passion for education,

Leader:  John Wesley’s disciplined approach to spiritual formation

People: And his never-wavering commitment to social justice,

Leader: Charles Wesley’s gift for music

People: And the legacy of faith-forming hymns he left

Leader:  Brethren who became our brothers and sisters

People: Renaming us all as United

Leader: Today we remember our faithful heritage

People: And ask the Spirit to kindle a similar fire in our hearts.


Tender God, you know the longing in hearts gathered here today. We ask that you touch that longing with your love and guidance. Nurture our commitment to social justice – to reaching out with tangible care to anyone in need. Help us take courageous stands against oppression of any form. Help us, O God, to not only leave a spiritual legacy, but also one of learning and the arts for, in doing so, spiritual lives will be enriched. Lead us, like John Wesley, to not be confined by church grounds or social class for the living out of our commitment to Christ. Receive our broken hearts, our joyful hearts, our sometimes fearful hearts and our hearts that pray for the world as we worship you with deep gratitude. Amen.

© 2011 Cynthia Langston Kirk