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Pentecost Poem

Pentecost Stole


Wild Goose

Wild Goose, Untamable Mystery,

                                                                                                           Nest in our twiggy hearts.

Birth us ablaze

With raw courage and compassion,

Until we love with windswept abandon.

                                                                                                                                               ©May 6, 2013  Cynthia Langston Kirk



Call to Worship ~ Pentecost



Leader: Today we celebrate Pentecost

People: A surprise, a mystery, a spark, a fire,

Leader: A fresh beginning for extravagant sharing

People: A model of barrier breaking beyond culture and language

Leader: An electrifying movement of the Spirit

People: That warms our hearts and challenges our set notions

Leader: A moving of the Spirit

People: That inspires life in community

All:  Today we celebrate Pentecost!