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Go Learning Mercy



Unlearn fear; Learn / Live Mercy.

Unlearn indifference; Learn / Live Compassion.

Unlearn discrimination; Learn / Live Communion.


Bearers of God’s Light

Tramping the shadowed paths of harsh stances that we take,
Apt scholars of division with lines that separate,
Depicting cold indiff’rence, sore lack of reverence,
Who’s in, who’s lost, what matters, and who is known as friend.

Fear, cruelty, hate, judgment, feelings we must unlearn,
Wellspring of Wisdom’s teachings, instruct us to discern,
Lead into holy landscape, that broad and gentle place,
As we live in communion fueled by the Spirit’s grace.

Let unity and healing become our deep concerns,
May mercy be our compass and justice our return,
Compassion mold our hearts with a hope that’s burning bright,
Our praxis – loving-kindness – as bearers of God’s light.
©January 1, 2015 Cynthia Langston Kirk
Can be sung to the tune of
“The Church’s One Foundation” or
“Lead On, O King Eternal”.
Stole created and poem written by
Rev. Cynthia Langston Kirk for Bishop Sally Dyck
to wear as she preaches on Matthew 9:9-13
at General Conference May 13, 2015.

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Who is Really Losing?

Who is Really Losing?

How easy it is to sit around the Christmas tree

Counting gifts and eyeballing whose boxes are largest.

How simple it is to look from a distance

Believing another person’s life is without bumps and bruises.

How effortlessly we convince ourselves that our gifts

Are not enough or, perhaps, are too much for us to handle.

We are afraid of trying, failing, losing –

Losing a nest egg, loosing face, losing it all

So we conceal the gifts that are our blessing.

Dig a hole, erect a wall, bury our heads and hearts

While the world is deprived of the difference we can make.

©November 5, 2014 Cynthia Langston Kirk

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Miraculous Engagement

Miraculous Engagement


Open your heart to miracles.

Not rabbits in hats,

Scarves up a practiced sleeve,

Or a quarter from your ear,

But God’s transforming touch,

Amazing grace that surprises lives

Connecting people because of who they are

And in spite of who they are.

Spirit whose breath stirs us

Into beauty and compassion.

Open your heart to miracles

That manifest in 100,000 ways:

A memory-filled, fractured relationship – mended,

Unexpected smiling face at an open door,

Sharing that offers food enough for everyone.

No competition this.

No my miracle is better than yours

Or my encounter of the Holy outshines yours.

It is in the sharing of our daily lives

And the sharing of our experiences with the Divine

That love is multiplied,

Our lives enriched beyond price.

Take care, remembering that extravagant, often sacrificial sharing

Is nothing shy of miraculous.


©July 29, 2014 Cynthia Langston Kirk

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Kin_dom of God

Kin_dom of God



Leave your zigzag frenzy

Ransacking the gift of time in search of a quick fix,

Striving to decipher all that bombards our senses.

Yearning for monumental answers

That are permanent and impermeable,

Set aside naysaying dispatches

That play in continuous loop.


Be still.

Be quiet.

Hear the Holy One’s song,

Marvel at creation.

Listen to your heart.

Look deep within.

Discover the transforming speck of yeast

That expands an idea into loving action.

See of your soul, the pearl that is precious.

Behold that same yeast within our community and world.

Behold that same precious pearl within all.

Witness compassion no larger than a mustard seed

That becomes canopied grace.

©July 22, 2014   Cynthia Langston Kirk

Worship Liturgy for August 7, 2011 ~ Lectionary Readings: Genesis 37:1-4,12-28,; Psalm 105: 1-6,16-22,45b;Romans 10:5-15; Matthew 14:22-33

August 7, 2011  Proper 14A, Ordinary 19A, Pentecost + 8



 Leader: A life full of gifts

People: A lifetime of giving

Leader: A mind full of dreams

People: Passion and trust to make the dreams come true

Leader: Betrayal and broken relationships

People: Redeemed and reconciled by the grace of God

Leader: Let us worship God who forgives, even us,

People: And frees us to serve joyfully



God who transforms lives, open us to wonder and to the gifts in others. As we worship you today expand our hearts and minds to what is possible through your grace and power. In Christ we pray. Amen.



Loving God, we read of Joseph’s brothers and seldom ponder who we have betrayed or sold out in some fashion or another. We read of Peter walking on the water and often critique him as seeking attention or lacking faith. We forget the times we have jostled for position or attention and the times our wavering faith caused us to be overcome by waves of doubt and despair. Help us be who you created us to be, not at the expense of others. Forgive our speech that betrays and belittles. Forgive us when we seek to be first and forget those who are lost. We pray grateful for the dreams and gifts you have instilled within each of us. Amen.



©August 2011 Cynthia Langston Kirk