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Great Thanksgiving – Known and Connected

Great Thanksgiving – Known and Connected

Based on Isaiah 43: 1-4 and John 15: 12-17


The Lord be with you

And also with you

Lift up your hearts

We lift them up to God

Let us give thanks to our Loving Creator

It is right to give our thanks and praise.


It is right to give thanks to you, Holy One, for you formed and redeemed our ancestors of old and saved them from the waters and the fire. You knew them as you know us, intimately and fully. We cannot escape your grace and your love so with the company of heaven we praise your name and join their unending song:

 Holy, Holy, Holy

Heaven and earth are full of your glory

Help and save us, we pray

Blessed is the One who comes in God’s name

Hosannah in the highest.

 Holy are you and holy is Christ Jesus who commands us to loves as he loves. He ate with strangers, reached across every barrier and showed us what it is to be a neighbor.

 On the night before he gave his all for his friends and those who would follow, Jesus took the bread, gave thanks to you, blessed and broke the bread saying:

 Dear Friends, I have called you to the path of love. It is a life-giving journey of purpose and sacrifice. On this journey, love will multiply and broken lives be mended, not because of your plans, but because you abide in my love.

 He then took the cup with gratitude to you and blessed it saying, ”This is the cup of forgiveness poured out for you. Live as forgiven people, free and joy-filled, that lives will be transformed by Love.”

 As we remember your mighty acts in Christ Jesus every time we receive the gift of communion we offer ourselves in praise and thanksgiving as a holy and living sacrifice in union with Christ’s sacrifice for us as we proclaim the mystery of faith:

 Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again.

Pour out your Spirit on these grapes and wheat, on each of us gathered here and upon our faith friends who could not be here today.

Keep us mindful that you are the vine and we are the branches and what we do to one of us, we do to all. Keep us mindful we are yours – created, redeemed and guided by you. Pour out your Spirit upon us that we may grow in our connection and compassion as we minister together throughout the world. All honor and glory we give you, Holy One, now and forever.



                                                © Cynthia Langston Kirk  July 2011