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Wellspring of the Holy

Wellspring of the Holy


Hope from the wellspring of the Holy One

Trickling from every direction

Bubbling up, soaking all despair and destruction

In its path.

Plants sucking cerulean sustenance

Like a baby at breast.

Water rising ankle deep

Green buds emerging.

Grace pouring forth from the four corners

Leaving humankind knee-deep In Mystery

And the river of mercy continues to rise.

Roots drinking, blossoms unfolding,

Now chest deep in wonder

At Life opening to sunlight,

Every shade of green and sweet becoming

Fruit for food and leaves for healing.

Water meeting water, flowing from and into the River of Life.

Immersed or sprinkled we are called by name:

Beloved child of God.

Spirit filling our hearts,

Equipping us for evil-wrestling in wilderness places,

Sharing resources in community,

Healing the sick and being at one with those who are invisible,

Keeping us mindful of our baptism –

The mark that propels us into the world

To Love.

©May 26, 2012 Cynthia Langston Kirk

Inspired by Ezekiel 47: 1-12; Mark 1: 9 – 45; Acts 2: 41-47

Poem – Peace I Give

Eyes locked, time frozen,
Electricity crackling at every angel’s pronouncement:
“Do not be afraid.”
Knees knock, palms perspire
Remembering stories of the ancestors.

Do not be afraid?
When our lives are about to be changed?
When our self-made map is shredded and blown to every corner of the world?
When the river bends and we cannot see beyond the curve?
When the sea boils and rumbles
Seeking to toss our bodies one way and our faith another?

And then those four words of
Admonition, encouragement, commandment, prayer
Seep into our rattling bones with assurance –
“Do not be afraid.”
It’s not that frightening yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows will be erased.
It’s not that storms will vanish from the earth
It’s not that abusive power will melt at the sight of a victim.
And it is not that the chaos of grief and agony
Will never be experienced again.

It is that I will be with you.
My peace I give you –
Not as the world can give or understand or duplicate.
I give you my presence
Faithfulness in the gale,
Silver slivers in ebony fog,
Peace to offer peace to those who are terrified,
Peace to be strength in turbulent times,
Peace to bring hope to those who are submerging for the third time.
Courage, wisdom, and authority that the church can be the church,
Disciples be disciples
No longer snuggled into a serene harbor
But willing to travel into deep water
For the sake of Shalom.

Poem and stole for Bishop David Yemba
For General Conference April 2012
By Rev. Cynthia Langston Kirk
Poem © February 2012