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Liturgy for Foot-washing

Jesus calls us to move from a life of existence to a life of purpose. 
Jesus calls us to break past cocoons of fear or self-indulgence and soar 
to new heights of courage and compassion. 
Jesus calls us to follow his path of love in sacrificial ways, in 
servant ways. 
When we accept God’s grace and forgiveness for ourselves, we can be 
humble not as a person who lacks initiative or integrity but in the bold 
strength of a servant. 
As we prepare to follow Christ’s model of servant-hood and wash each 
other’s feet, let us pray together: 
Holy God, we are yours – your children and your inspiration born in your 
image. Let us drink in the love and forgiveness you pour out freely for 
each of us that we, in turn, may also be gifts to others. We pray in the 
name of the prince of peace who tied a towel around his waist, who 
listened when he was bone tired, who gave his all in the face of death, 
and showed us what it is to serve. Amen. 

                                                                                    ©July 2010 Cynthia Langston Kirk


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