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Words to Contemplate During This Advent Journey

Words to Contemplate During This Advent Journey

Use each in writing or as inspiration for photography or as a prayer focus for the day.

Nov. 29 – Packing

Dec. 1 –   Reticent

Dec. 2  –  Threshold

Dec. 3 –   Soul searching

Dec. 4 –   Cold

Dec. 5 –   Starlit night

Dec. 6 –   Harbinger

Dec. 7 –   Preparing

Dec. 8 –   Dirty

Dec. 9 –   Gifts

Dec. 10 – Unfamiliar territory

Dec. 11 – Homesick

Dec. 12 – Ponder

Dec. 13 – Camping

Dec. 14 – Sunrise

Dec. 15 – Neighbor

Dec. 16 – Heartfelt

Dec. 17 – Impatient

Dec. 18 – Starlit path

Dec. 19 – Expectant

Dec. 20 – Couple

Dec. 21 – Growing

Dec. 22 – Tired

Dec. 23 – Horizon

Dec. 24 – Kindness

Dec. 25 – Overwhelmed

Call to Worship, Opening Prayer ~ Exodus 12:29-43, 14, 20:1-21



Leader: When all seems right in our lives

People: God is present, loving us.

Leader: When we are oppressed, living in bondage

People: God is present, loving us.

Leader: When grief overwhelms us, seeking to destroy our faith

People: God is present, loving us.

Leader: When we are in the wilderness, far from anything familiar

People: God is present, loving us.

Leader: When we arrive at a new place of hope

People: God is present, loving us.



Holy One, you have given us commandments as a compass for our lives. We discuss them, ignore them, memorize them and seek to keep them. Remind us they can all be followed by loving you and loving one another.  Help us put our trust in you anew this day, for you bring us through the wilderness into the broad and gracious place. Amen.

 ©February 6, 2012 Cynthia Langston Kirk

Call to Worship and Opening Prayer ~ Exodus 1:14,2,3:1-12

Leader: God illuminates our hearts and minds

People: To the injustices in the world.   

Leader: Aiding us to see not only our gifts

People: But Holy Wisdom, our vital companion,

Leader: Empowering us with the bold courage of two midwives

People: That we may stand up for life and dignity and civility

Leader:  Let us worship God who we cannot define or contain,

People: God who continually invites us to go deeper and be more.



Holy Mystery who has many names, protect, puzzle and prepare us as you did Moses. We complain and wonder when we do not experience you in ways we imagine; yet, all the while closing our eyes and ears to your life-changing manifestations. Set the bushes and stars on fire that we can see every instance of oppression and act as your loving disciples. We pray in the name of the One who gave everything to stand up for the disenfranchised, the doubters and the diseased. Amen.


©January 30, 2012 Cynthia Langston Kirk