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Awaken Your Heart

Awaken Your Heart


What if your heart had eyes?

Would they live in a permanent squint

Seeking to block out every ray of hope and illumination?

Would you don sunglasses at all times

Intent on keeping the world dark

And yourself hidden?

Would they be scale-shackled

Viewing the world through distant hurts

Or through zeal bent on life your way?

Or would you walk this journey

Praying for eyes wide open

To see the pain of the world

And offer relief,

Witness the miracle of creation

And rejoice?

Awaken your heart to sure-footed Grace

Pulsing its rhythm throughout the universe.

Marvel that Radiance cannot be extinguished

No matter how bleak your soul’s song.


Oh, awaken your heart to sure-footed Grace

Be swept up in Love’s tender arms.

Know the comfort that only Hope brings

Come, dance to God’s sacred song.


©April 24, 2014 Refrains Cynthia Langston Kirk

©April 29, 2014 Cynthia Langston Kirk

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Always There ~ Epiphany Poem

Always There

 In the splendor of creation

In the artwork of the stars

In a child’s delightful babble

God is there.

In the kindness of a stranger

In each act that knits us kin

On the path to understanding

Light of Life, always there.


In the struggle of the waiting

In the silence that follows prayer

In stark abyss called loneliness

God is there.

In the years of expectation

In the hours of all grief

In the minutes that stand frozen

Light of Life, always there.


In the longing for encounter

In global hunger for a sign

In the desert labeled hopeless

God is there.

In the flash of revelation

In the aha of our souls

In the mystery of the cosmos

Light of Life, always there.

©January 12, 2013  Cynthia Langston Kirk

Seeing is Hearing

Seeing is Hearing


Seeing is hearing that which is hidden in plain sight,

Absorbing the reverberations of creation,

Perceiving the symphony of line and form; then going deeper

Than nicks and warts and embellishments,

Beyond distractions and wounds

To the true essence of the song.

Peel away layers manifest and layers buried within.

Behold Life, eyes and ears.

Express the Mystery, hands and hearts.


©January 24, 2012 Cynthia Langston Kirk

Epiphany Pray and Call to Worship ~ January 8, 2012


Leader: In the first light of every dawn and the brightest star at night

People: Christ’s hope and joy shine brightly.

Leader: In aha moments of wonder and extravagant gifts offered unconditionally

People: Christ is made manifest to us.

Leader: As we journey long, and deep within, searching for God as God searches for us

People: Christ is revealed to us.

Leader: Let us worship the Bright Morning Star

People: Let us offer the gifts of our lives to Christ Jesus.



God of New Beginnings, open our hearts and minds to receive and give your love this year. Some of us come today with heavy hearts, yet hopeful. We thank you for the passion and lives of service of people who have gone before us.  Walk with us through anger and fear and lead us to places illuminated by your grace and covenant. Help us to become like those who traveled from afar to visit the Christ Child: strong and persistent on the journey, generous beyond measure and wise when threatened by power. In the name of the Prince who is Peace we pray. Amen.

January 3, 2012  Cynthia Langston Kirk