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The Call on Our Lives

The Call on Our Lives


We stand on any mountaintop, binoculars pressed to our eyes,

Ears to the ground,

Seeing, hearing the groans of creation,

No longer able to fully avert disaster’s course.

Do you see the next generation? The next seven?

Who will be a voice for the Earth and the galaxies?


We stand in the gap between ignorance and relationship,

Between fear and bold love.

Who is willing to climb into another’s skin

And stay long enough

To be moved by empathy to action?

Who will be an advocate for justice?


We stand on the enormous tower of privilege:

Education, race, gender, and more.

Our task, our calling is to be watchful

Of our motives and posturing,

Of those with no privilege

And those who have toiled and clawed

For a place at the table and in the work force.

Who will release their grip on power for the sake of others?


We stand on one side of the great chasm of disparity:

The have or the have-nots,

We the people versus me the individual.

Who will cut past rhetoric and fallout?

Who will do more than shine a light on atrocities?

Who will lay their life down as a bridge over the divide?


Each moment we stand on the brink of choice,

Ruah’s breath hot on our necks,

Holy One’s mandate touching our hearts:

“Watch and listen;

Then be moved to Love”.


©June 28, 2016 Cynthia Langston Kirk

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photo (12)How often are we curious?

Not for the sake of personal advancement,

Or busy-body snooping on others,

But open to the universe.

Wonder taking us by the hand

Inviting us to be still and drink in Mystery

Further, further into the galaxies

Caught up in a fern unfolding

Or a bird’s singing (whose song was that?),

Without preconceived notions or goals.

Just following where creation takes us

To by fed by Transforming Love.



©March 6, 2014 Cynthia Langston Kirk







Swept Up

Swept Up


We watched the black dot dip and circle –

A hawk! She knew.

Closer the feathered majestic flew.

Closer, closer,

Until overhead, its prowess magnified

Against the cloudless, blue autumn sky.

Girl of five (almost six) stepped onto the sitting wall

Nearer her friend.

She raised her arms and gently flapped,

Up … and … down, up… and… down

At one with nature.

Teach us, wise one,

Show us the way

To be swept up,

To be as one.

©October 11, 2013   Cynthia Langston Kirk

Seeing is Hearing

Seeing is Hearing


Seeing is hearing that which is hidden in plain sight,

Absorbing the reverberations of creation,

Perceiving the symphony of line and form; then going deeper

Than nicks and warts and embellishments,

Beyond distractions and wounds

To the true essence of the song.

Peel away layers manifest and layers buried within.

Behold Life, eyes and ears.

Express the Mystery, hands and hearts.


©January 24, 2012 Cynthia Langston Kirk

Liturgy for Creation



Leader: Out of darkness God brought

People:  And continues to bring light.

Leader: Out of chaos the Holy One brought

People:  And continues to bring the rhythm of order.

Leader: Out of what cannot be seen our Creator brought

People: And continues to bring the miracle that is life.

Leader: And God deemed creation good.

People: Alleluia! Yes, it is good!


When we are still, O God, when we calm the busyness within ourselves, we marvel at all you have created – how it works, how it looks, and how we are blessed by its presence.  Remind us that we are caretakers of all that lives.  Empower us to bring our best thoughts, our most caring hearts, and our passionate energies to the stewardship of the world. With joy and gratitude for life we pray. Amen.


©January 2012 Cynthia Langston Kirk

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