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Communion of Saints

Communion of Saints


Courage profound and grace-filled ministries

Used by the saints to weave faith tapestry

And generations still the beauty see

Alleluia, Alleluia


God, bless the saints who show to us Your way

O make us like them for these gifts we pray

Compassion tender birthing brand new day

Alleluia, alleluia


Broken and dying people in the cold

We long to touch them yet have fears untold

Help us bring mercy may we be so bold

Alleluia, alleluia


Community of faith, communion sweet

Diverse our thinking, but in Christ we meet

Bless now these symbols of the grapes and wheat

Alleluia, alleluia


Sung to the tune of “For All the Saints”

© October 4, 1997      Cynthia Langston Kirk


Go Learning Mercy



Unlearn fear; Learn / Live Mercy.

Unlearn indifference; Learn / Live Compassion.

Unlearn discrimination; Learn / Live Communion.


Bearers of God’s Light

Tramping the shadowed paths of harsh stances that we take,
Apt scholars of division with lines that separate,
Depicting cold indiff’rence, sore lack of reverence,
Who’s in, who’s lost, what matters, and who is known as friend.

Fear, cruelty, hate, judgment, feelings we must unlearn,
Wellspring of Wisdom’s teachings, instruct us to discern,
Lead into holy landscape, that broad and gentle place,
As we live in communion fueled by the Spirit’s grace.

Let unity and healing become our deep concerns,
May mercy be our compass and justice our return,
Compassion mold our hearts with a hope that’s burning bright,
Our praxis – loving-kindness – as bearers of God’s light.
©January 1, 2015 Cynthia Langston Kirk
Can be sung to the tune of
“The Church’s One Foundation” or
“Lead On, O King Eternal”.
Stole created and poem written by
Rev. Cynthia Langston Kirk for Bishop Sally Dyck
to wear as she preaches on Matthew 9:9-13
at General Conference May 13, 2015.

To use this or any writing by Cynthia Langston Kirk, please include the copyright and Rev. Cynthia Langston Kirk’s full name in your bulletin and/or screen. If you want to use the writing in any other way than one-time worship or one-time retreat/small group, please contact Cynthia at

Blue-Eyed Celebrant

(at least a beginning about the) Blue-Eyed Celebrant

I know a blue-eyed boy who lives a communion life. He’s a growing two-year-old who moves full speed from breakfast to snack to discovery to lunch to a tumble to snack to snack to peals of laughter to adventure and so on.

Always, he shares any food set before him. This boy will hold out the first grape of the bunch on his plate and say, “Want a grape?” It is asked in question form, but it isn’t really an inquiry. He is offering family or friend the first and best of what he has. He is offering relationship in one of the ways most natural to him. It never occurs to him that being in relationship is an option.

If he has a cracker, the blonde will break it into, cock his head to the side and ask, “Want cracker?” And whether hungry or not, the recipient will take the bread broken for them, give thanks for the grace of God and for the transforming love of a boy who lives communion.

©August 19, 2014  Cynthia Langston Kirk