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Wellspring of the Holy

Wellspring of the Holy


Hope from the wellspring of the Holy One

Trickling from every direction

Bubbling up, soaking all despair and destruction

In its path.

Plants sucking cerulean sustenance

Like a baby at breast.

Water rising ankle deep

Green buds emerging.

Grace pouring forth from the four corners

Leaving humankind knee-deep In Mystery

And the river of mercy continues to rise.

Roots drinking, blossoms unfolding,

Now chest deep in wonder

At Life opening to sunlight,

Every shade of green and sweet becoming

Fruit for food and leaves for healing.

Water meeting water, flowing from and into the River of Life.

Immersed or sprinkled we are called by name:

Beloved child of God.

Spirit filling our hearts,

Equipping us for evil-wrestling in wilderness places,

Sharing resources in community,

Healing the sick and being at one with those who are invisible,

Keeping us mindful of our baptism –

The mark that propels us into the world

To Love.

©May 26, 2012 Cynthia Langston Kirk

Inspired by Ezekiel 47: 1-12; Mark 1: 9 – 45; Acts 2: 41-47

Call to Worship ~ Pentecost



Leader: Today we celebrate Pentecost

People: A surprise, a mystery, a spark, a fire,

Leader: A fresh beginning for extravagant sharing

People: A model of barrier breaking beyond culture and language

Leader: An electrifying movement of the Spirit

People: That warms our hearts and challenges our set notions

Leader: A moving of the Spirit

People: That inspires life in community

All:  Today we celebrate Pentecost!


Worship Liturgy for June 5, 2011 ~ Lectionary Readings: Acts 1: 6-14, Psalm 68:1-10,32-35; I Peter 4:12-14, 5:6-11; John 17:1-11

 Ascension Sunday



Leader: Why do we try to recapture the past

People: When God invites bids us to be attentive in this moment?

Leader:  Why do catapult enormous energies into the future

People: As if we can know with certainty what tomorrow will bring?

Leader: Why do we look to where Christ has been

People: More than where Christ can be through us?

Leader:  Let us join our hearts in prayer

People: That we can bear witness to God’s all-inclusive love.



God of Life, shake up our narrow constructs and fixations. Allow us to know grace as wide as a summer sky and live compassion strong enough to sit with grief. Help our hearts not be undone by destruction that we may find a way to be builders of homes, communities and lives. Turn our minds away from thoughts of futility. Inspire us, O God, with your holy breath and anoint us with the oil of gratitude. Pour out the power of your Holy Spirit upon us that we may honor you with each choice we make and every stance we take. We pray for those upon whose work and wages so many depend. We pray for those whose mental illness makes work and play a challenge almost impossible to face day after day. Thank you for every faithful person who has loved and mentored us. Keep us mindful that there are people who need to be welcomed without hesitation or limits to your table and into our community. This we pray in the name of Christ Jesus who takes ordinary folk higher, deeper, farther than they can ever imagine. Amen.