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Litany for Remembering 9/11

Litany of Remembering September 11


Leader: We remember people who died and people whose lives were forever changed that day

People: And surround each aching heart with our prayers.

Leader:  We remember people who risked and sometimes gave their lives

People:  Working to rescue strangers and loved ones.

Leader:  We remember those who supported the rescue workers

People:  With food, counseling, human touch, cots, prayers and more.

Leader:  We remember missed opportunities in the years that followed –

               opportunities to live and work together across divisions

People:  And give thanks for rescue workers who did not inquire about

              politics, culture, religion or sexual orientation before they worked

              sacrificially to liberate a person from the wreckage.

Leader: We remember fear was born anew that September morning

             and is sometimes used, even now, to manipulate;

People: Therefore, we ask God to help us live courageously and generously.

Leader: Most of all we remember the Holy One’s faithful love

People: That is stronger that death and teaches us to live as hope-filled people.


©August 2011 Cynthia Langston Kirk