Liturgy for Worship ~ September 13, 2009 ~ Lectionary Readings: Proverbs 1: 20-33, Psalm 19, James 3: 1-12, Mark 8: 27-38

Proper 19B/ Ordinary 24B/ Pentecost 15



 Leader: Sophia, God’s Holy Wisdom, cries out in the streets

People: And we hurry by, ignoring her message.

Leader: She calls out, striving to teach us

People: And we believe we know better.

Leader: On the busiest corner of the city she preaches and prophesies

People: And we fill our ears with greed and self-interest.

Leader: Open our ears, our hearts, our lives, O God

People: That we may comprehend Wisdom’s word today.


Has every word that left your mouth this week been hopeful and helpful? Have you spoken courageous words, tender words, words of advocacy for those who need help? Let us confess the times we were cowardly or thoughtless or arrogant.


Holy God, how quick we are to speak when you encourage silence and to be silent when you call us to be witnesses to your mercy. How often we use our tongue to complain or speak ill of others instead of joining creation in declaring your glory. Give us the wisdom to be silent when helpful and the courage to speak up and out with our words, our hospitality, our compassion, our lives. Forgive us when we fail and free us by your forgiveness to begin anew. Grateful for Wisdom’s companionship we pray. Amen.

 © September 2009    Cynthia Langston Kirk