Communion of Saints

Communion of Saints


Courage profound and grace-filled ministries

Used by the saints to weave faith tapestry

And generations still the beauty see

Alleluia, Alleluia


God, bless the saints who show to us Your way

O make us like them for these gifts we pray

Compassion tender birthing brand new day

Alleluia, alleluia


Broken and dying people in the cold

We long to touch them yet have fears untold

Help us bring mercy may we be so bold

Alleluia, alleluia


Community of faith, communion sweet

Diverse our thinking, but in Christ we meet

Bless now these symbols of the grapes and wheat

Alleluia, alleluia


Sung to the tune of “For All the Saints”

© October 4, 1997      Cynthia Langston Kirk